White Papers

25 January 2021

Moving from spreadsheets to a LIMS? Interactive Software Limited’s 7-Step Guide helps you standardise and improve the quality of your existing data

20 January 2021

This whitepaper presents an overview of AnIML, the Analytical Information Markup Language. It is intended to assist decision makers who are evaluating the use of AnIML as a data format.

13 November 2020

Read a scientific instrument vendor’s perspective on the impact of the changes that one of their largest customer industries will undergo and what influence this will have on the evolution of software required to operate analytical instrumentation and the underlying handling of data.

06 November 2020

Engineers working in an increasingly broad range of industries are using HPC to execute simulation workloads.

05 November 2020

Processor manufacturers are continuously pushing the performance limits for delivering more computational capabilities to the end users.