White Papers

16 March 2016

Foundation Medicine’s breakthrough personalized cancer care relies on Thermo Scientific Clinical LIMS. Founded by world leaders in genome technology, cancer biology and medical oncology, Foundation Medicine is a cancer diagnostics company at the forefront of bringing comprehensive genomic analysis to routine cancer care. Download this Case Study to discover the whole story of this remarkable breakthrough.

11 March 2016

Today, laboratories from different industries are tasked with finding ways to be more productive and efficient, cut costs, and do more with less. Laboratory employees from directors, to managers to analysts/technicians are all required to make decisions which impact the productivity and efficiency of the lab. In order to do this, it is necessary for the decision maker to gather as much information as possible, of sufficient high quality, and in a manner which allows them to quickly grasp the insights necessary to make the decision.

24 February 2016

Radboud University Medical Center's Central Animal Lab has replaced pen and paper with a digital environment to support the lab's medical research, thanks to iVention's Laboratory Execution System.

24 February 2016

With the implementation of a Lab Execution System from iVention, ALcontrol’s contract laboratory in Oosterhout, The Netherlands, has gained new functionalities like automatic report generation, dynamic specification management, workflow information dashboards and mobile applications for sample collection.

18 November 2015

This Infographic outlines some interesting details about the most prevalent compliance issues in pharmaceutical labs. With FDA and other inspections on the increase, it’s more important than ever for labs to ensure that processes are in place to facilitate compliance and reduce the risk of costly audit failures. Download this Infographic to understand more about the most common issues and how these can be addressed.



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