White Papers

27 May 2020

Digital Transformation is taking hold in the pharmaceutical industry. It is no longer an innovative vision, but a strategic imperative for companies to vying to remain competitive.

04 May 2020

With flexible options to meet budgetary requirements, world class infrastructure, fully managed services and the benefits of organizational synergy, Abbott Informatics Cloud Services is positioned to deliver peace of mind to customers so they can focus on the business of running the laborat

04 May 2020

The Internet of Things is transforming benchtop lab devices into collections of small data sources, which will eventually allow scientists to better understand variances in their research and results.


12 March 2020

Novel Therm has a unique solution that allows it to build low-cost HPC data centres that are powered by low temperature geothermal energy. With its innovative technology, Novel Therm provides 100 per cent green-powered data centres with no upfront customer investment and at significantly lower cost than competitors can offer. Learn how in this white paper.

26 February 2020

In 2018, the United Kingdom completed its initiative of sequencing 100,000 genomes with the hopes that their findings would lead to better, earlier diagnosis and personalized healthcare for cancer, rare diseases, and infectious diseases.