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Vridis 2.0

Boston Computing has recently announced the Vridis 2.0, a microserver based on six EnergyCore ECX-2000 server-on-chip (SOC) cards. Each card contains two four-core SOCs, running at 1.8GHz and consuming as little as 6W.

Certified to run Ubuntu 13.10 the ECX-2000 SoC enables the Boston Viridis 2.0 to run the latest OpenStack Havana platform designed for building public, private and hybrid cloud.

Using the ARM Cortex A15 quad-core processor, the ECX-2000 delivers twice the performance, three times the memory bandwidth, and four times the memory capacity of the previous ECX-1000. It is highly scalable thanks to the integrated 80GB Fleet Fabric switch, while the embedded Fleet Engine simultaneously provides out-of-band control and intelligence for autonomic operation and power optimisation.

The new system features system, power and fabric management software for energy-proportional computing. The Calxeda Fleet Engines replace separate BMC chips and FPGAs, along with dedicated Ethernet MAC for secure management.


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