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SSD Memory Channel Storage

Boston Limited has announced that it plans to deploy SSDs using Memory Channel Storage technology within its Supermicro server and storage platforms. The technology will suit a broad range of big-data analytical workloads, high-frequency trading, in-memory compute, virtualisation, VDI, and database acceleration.

Powered by Diablo Technologies Memory Channel Storage (MCS), the SSDs' design connects flash storage to the memory channel using an industry-standard DIMM form factor, enabling it to be fully interoperable with RDIMM’s.

The company claims that the SSDs can deliver a write latency as low as 5μs, random read/write performance of up to 150k/65k IOPS per DIMM, and data transfer rates up to 1GB/s/760MB/s sequential read/write – enabling I/O performance to scale while maintaining low latency.

Manoj Nayee, managing director of Boston, said: 'Customers are demanding more and more performance from their systems. We have developed a certified range of systems that will help deliver this performance to clients in various sectors looking for pure acceleration’.


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