uRiKA graph appliance

YarcData, the newly-created division of Cray dedicated to providing Big Data solutions for enterprise customers, has announced the launch of the YarcData uRiKA graph appliance – a purpose-built solution for Big Data relationship analytics – at the 2012 Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California.

While many critical Big Data problems are based on graphs, most of the current solutions are based on partitioned data structures that scale out on clusters. These current approaches, including graph databases, result in low performance on graphs since they are hard to partition across cluster nodes, are non-deterministic and are highly dynamic. The launch of the uRiKA solution addresses the challenge of delivering insightful analytics on graphs, not only in terms of its ability to handle size and complexity of relationships, but also in terms of its response time and speed of processing.

By bringing together data and relationships from multiple sources and enhancing these relationships through automated inference and deduction, the uRiKA graph appliance builds up a relationship warehouse. The system supports both real-time visualisation of relationships for interactive discovery and real-time searches for relationships based on partially-specified patterns and templates.


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