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TotalView 8.11

Rogue Wave Software has announced the release of version 8.11 of its parallel debugger, TotalView. In addition to offering early access support for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, TotalView 8.11 has expanded support for the IBM Blue Gene/Q platform, Nvidia CUDA 4.2, and full support for the OpenACC directives that are part of the Cray CCE compiler version 8.0.

‘Providing continued support for large architectures is part of Rogue Wave’s long-term product roadmap to support our customers’ needs as they move to petascale, and eventually to exascale systems,’ said Chris Gottbrath, Rogue Wave’s principal product manager. ‘To meet this goal, Rogue Wave Software has an active programme of collaboration with customers to achieve strategic goals, such as scalability.’ Coinciding with the TotalView 8.11 release, the company is offering select customers early access versions of the MRNet-enabled TotalView debugger, for use on leadership-class supercomputers such as Sequoia, JuQueen and FERMI.


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