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TotalView update

Rogue Wave Software is repackaging TotalView to include Nvidia Cuda debugging support and ReplayEngine, for reverse debugging, as standard. The company states that this makes TotalView the most full-featured debugger for the development of complex and parallel software.

‘Naturally, we’ve been very pleased to hear how well-received our reverse debugging and Cuda support has been among our users,’ said Scott Lasica, VP Products and Alliances at Rogue Wave Software. ‘Unfortunately, we also discovered that features new users thought they were getting were actually being eliminated through their company or institution’s procurement processes. Since these capabilities are extremely valuable to the developers and scientists who debug complex applications, we decided to remove the last barrier and simply make them part of our standard product.’

Existing TotalView customers can contact their Rogue Wave account manager for details on enabling the ReplayEngine and Cuda features. 


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