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Thomson Scientific tackles information overload

Media Cybernetics has released Image-Pro Plus Version 6.0, its scientific image processing and analysis software, including a number of new features along with support for Windows XP x64 operating systems. It also includes support for new file formats including read/write support for JPEG2000 and read support for EXIF JPEG files.

Image-Pro Plus Version 6.0 provides a streamlined acquisition interface that makes it simple to capture images. It includes a dynamic auto-range feature for optimised image views, as well as user-defined live scaling for low-light acquisition.

The new version provides sophisticated tools for exploring images in three dimensions. The software includes voxel-based 3D filters for use with 3D volumetric, time-lapse and other 3D image sets. A built-in OpenGL 3D viewer allows for interactive 3D volume rendering.

New advanced image analysis tools are included in Version 6.0, including colour management tools for achieving true colour fidelity for your entire imaging system, and the ability to classify more than 100,000 objects per image frame.


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