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Terminator 5

Chelsio Communications, a provider of Ethernet unified wire adapters and ASICs, has announced Terminator 5, the fifth generation of its Ethernet silicon technology.  

The Terminator 5 (T5) ASIC is built upon the latest iteration of Chelsio’s network processing architecture, and uses an industry-proven design, which has been widely deployed with more than 400,000 ports shipped worldwide. The T5 moves the architecture into 40GbE speeds, and prepares the transition to 100GbE expected by 2015.

T5 is a hyper-virtualised 10/40GbE controller with full offload support of a complete Unified Wire solution comprising NIC, TOE, iWARP RDMA, iSCSI, FCoE and NAT.   

Designed for high-performance clustering, storage and data networking, the T5 enables fabric consolidation by simultaneously supporting TCP/IP and UDP/IP socket applications, RDMA applications and SCSI applications at wire speed, allowing InfiniBand and FibreChannel applications to run unmodified and concurrently over standard Ethernet. This will result in savings to data centres by avoiding the need for InfiniBand or FibreChannel adapters, cabling, switches and gateways. 


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