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Bright cluster manager 7 for HPC

Bright Computing, a provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, has announced plans to roll out a new line of products designed to manage High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, Apache Hadoop clusters, and OpenStack private clouds.

The first product in the new lineup — Bright Cluster Manager 7 for HPC -- will focus on the technical computing customer. It features enhanced dynamic cloud provisioning capabilities that use Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources more efficiently to reduce customer costs. It also has a software image revision-control feature and full support for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers.

Bright’s cloud utilisation feature now enables the use of native Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage services (S3 and Glacier). Separating storage from compute allows Bright Cluster Manager to instantiate compute resources in the cloud only when the data is ready.

Bright manages bare-metal BIOS settings and multi-node firmware upgrades, out-of-band services, and integrates directly with the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) to configure network, identity and other services. Bright can also sample a multitude of metrics and incorporates various health checks specific to Cisco UCS rack servers.


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