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EqualLogic FS7500

At its Dell Storage Forum customer and partner event, Dell announced new solutions built on its Fluid Data Architecture, including its first unified Dell EqualLogic platform. The EqualLogic FS7500 adds scalable network-attached storage (NAS) capability to the EqualLogic product line – making it the only high-performance, scale-out unified storage for mid-size deployments. The EqualLogic FS7500 uses the Dell Scalable File System architecture which incorporates advanced caching, load balancing and multithreading for fast I/O processing. 

File storage systems have been difficult to expand because of file system size limitations and the complexity of managing multiple file servers. With the FS7500, there are no eight, 16 or 50TB maximum limits on file system size. A single EqualLogic FS7500 file share can scale up to 510TB (raw capacity). It will be shipping in the third quarter of 2011.


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