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InfiniteStorage 16000

SGI has announced the release of the SGI InfiniteStorage 16000, the next generation of high performance storage platforms aimed at mixed workload environments. The company states that the new storage system delivers optimum mixed I/O options in an scalable and dense platform. To date, premium storage systems fall into two categories: those optimised for random I/O operations per second (IOPS) or those optimised for bandwidth. The SGI InfiniteStorage 16000 system is the first high performance platform to be optimised for both bandwidth and IOPS, providing a versatile platform for diverse workflows.

According to the company, storage systems and servers must now be able to respond to heavily threaded I/O patterns by delivering transaction-optimised extreme storage bandwidth, as well as high throughput. With the fusion of these levels of bandwidth and IOPS, SGI InfiniteStorage 16000 delivers an easy-to-deploy package that meets the needs of the most demanding unstructured and transaction-based environments.

SGI InfiniteStorage 16000 delivers up to 10 GB/sec of read and write performance, and up to one million IOPS, with the ability to manage up to 2.4 petabytes of storage in just two data centre floor tiles. Other features include file and application hosting, an active/active redundant design, mirrored cache, support for multiple RAID levels and SSD, SAS and SATA disk drives, intelligent block striping, SATAssure data protection, power saving modes, and 8Gb Fibre Channel and 40Gb InfiniBand host-port options.


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