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MathWorks has released Simscape, which extends the company’s Simulink platform by enabling engineers to model and simulate multidomain physical systems.

Employing a physical network approach to model building, Simscape allows engineers to describe the physical structure of a system rather than the underlying mathematics. From the model, Simscape automatically constructs equations that characterise the behaviour of the system and then integrates them with the rest of the Simulink model.

Simscape provides libraries containing fundamental elements from electrical, hydraulic and mechanical domains that can be combined together in a single environment to create more sophisticated components.

In addition, Simscape lets engineers convert models into C code using Real-Time Workshop so that they can run models in real time and perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. Complete integration with Simulink and automatic code generation tools provides an uninterrupted development process within the control design workflow. 


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