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WinWedge Pro

Adept Scientific is distributing the new release of WinWedge Pro 4.0 from TAL Technologies. WinWedge allows real-time data from any serial lab instrument and to be collected and sent to Windows, Citrix and DOS applications eliminating manual data entry.

The new version includes improved installation routine and system tray compatibility. The user's manual and help files have been rewritten with new examples to demonstrate how to use WinWedge with the latest Windows applications.

It can be used to collect real-time serial (and TCP/IP) data from any RS232 instrument or device including scales and balances, gauges, pH/electrochemistry meters, laboratory instruments, analysers, micrometers, sensors, densitometers, GPS receivers and magnetic stripe readers. It allows real-time analysis, charting and graphing of device data.

Multiple instruments can simultaneously send data to different applications or to different fields within the same application if needed. Programming is not required to configure the software to collect data from and control most serial devices.


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