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NAP Version 4.4

Labtronics has released NAP Version 4.4, the analogue data acquisition and peak analysis system.

Major enhancements to the software allow users to: append new samples to previously run data files, create new data files using a previously created calibration curves, and re-define the active and archive data directories to anywhere on the local PC or LAN.

The NAP system includes software and a 24-bit external USB analogue-to-digital interface box to connect up to six detectors. Additional options are available to control samplers and pumps. Each detector setup in the software can have a user-defined maximum scale between 0 to 5 Volts on an individual channel basis. At run-time, data points are drawn on the chart as they are collected for each channel.

The NAP software adds the peak positions based on each channels method criteria and determines the concentration for each sample against its standard calibration curve. Throughout the run, NAP can automatically correct for baseline and gain drift changes against the calibration curve to automatically adjust each sample's calculated concentration.


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