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SGIs Altix and Rackable servers gain Nvidia Tesla GPUs

SGI has announced availability of the latest Nvidia Tesla 20-series GPUs in its server product lines. Last year, SGI deployed a GPU-equipped Altix UV system at the University of Tennessee's Center for Remote Data Analysis and Visualisation (RDAV), bringing a machine with 4TB of available shared memory to GPU computing. The company has also designed custom GPU solutions through its Custom Engineering group using SGI Rackable products as building blocks, providing customers with choices among the rich motherboard, processor, and memory options available today. SGI also offers the SGI Prism XL system, a custom accelerator solution that supports Nvidia GPUs and has the capability to scale to 10s of petaflops. SGI added support for Nvidia Tesla GPUs in its Altix UV 10 as well as rackable servers C2112-4TY14, C3108-TY11, C1103-TY12, C1104-2TY9, and H2106-G7.

New Nvidia products, including the Tesla M2090 and the NextIO vCORE Express 2090, along with the CUDA Toolkit 4.0, will be available in the Altix UV, the Altix ICE 8400, Rackable, and SGI Prism XL server systems. In addition, SGI has upgraded its Accelerator Execution Environment (AEE) available for SGI Prism XL to the CUDA Toolkit 4.0.


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