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Senseye announces specialist industry appointment

Senseye, an industrial software company, has announced that it has appointed industry specialist Barry Stott to lead its activities in the oil and gas sector. Stott has joined Senseye from Siemens, where he supported oil and gas companies with the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and data analytics applications.

Senseye provides a suite of technologies and methodologies that are already used globally by two of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. It has hired Stott to support customers in the sector with digital transformation initiatives designed to improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of their production and maintenance operations.

Barry Stott, Sales Director - Oil & Gas, at Senseye, comments: 'Unplanned downtime in the oil and gas industry is a major issue. Not only is it expensive, a catastrophic failure on an oil or gas rig can cost lives. Senseye has compelling solutions and methodologies to tackle this problem. It is the clear market leader when it comes to automated, data-driven predictive maintenance, and it has been proven with major players in the industry. I am delighted to be joining Senseye.'

Simon Kampa, Chief Executive Officer of Senseye, comments: 'Oil and gas producers have been ahead of the curve for years when it comes to the maturity of data collection and its use in driving more intelligent operation. Barry is a great addition to our business. His knowledge and experience will enable us to help many more organisations in the oil and gas sector achieve excellence in production and maintenance processes.'

ARC Advisory Group research indicates that investment in oilfield operations management systems, including predictive analytics applications, can provide significant operational value and ROI. It reveals that - depending on production levels - the financial benefit of increasing operational performance by two to three percent can translate into millions of dollars per year for very large projects.


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