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solidThinking Evolve

solidThinking, has announced the latest version of its solidThinking Evolve software. An enhanced user interface and refined workflow controls in solidThinking Evolve 2014 are designed to allow industrial designers to develop forms faster than ever, in either Windows or Mac OS X. This latest release gives users new and enhanced productivity tools, enabling faster creation of complex products.

A number of the new features available with this release of solidThinking Evolve software include:

  • Live Linking to KeyShot – Enables KeyShot scenes to be continuously updated directly from Evolve;
  • New Construction Aids and Scene Management – New and improved snaps, new isolate mode, better management of hiding/unhiding objects, and new hotkeys to increase workflow efficiency
  • Enhanced User Interface Options – Simplified workflow for importing and controlling background images, new option to enable/disable selection pre-highlighting, and a mode to quickly disable curve visualization for better model evaluation
  • Improved Modelling Tools – Refined replication tools for a more intuitive workflow, increased surface control for the Round tool, and more robust deformation tools.


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