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Lab Execution System

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched an all-inclusive informatics solution that gives customers complete control over their methods and standard operating procedures (SOPs) without having to purchase, integrate, and validate software from multiple vendors.

The new Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System (LES) is web-based, built on, and fully integrated with the Thermo Scientific enterprise-level lab information management system (LIMS), allowing the LES to be accessed from the LIMS or from any web browser.

Combined with the instrument integration capabilities of Thermo Scientific Integration Manager, and the raw data storage and retrieval capabilities of the company’s SDMS (Data Manager), the new LES expands Thermo Fisher Scientific’s informatics platform, and offers customers a comprehensive paperless lab solution.

The LES enables lab managers and scientists across all industries to:

  • Achieve full instrument integration, including managing their own methods and workflow;
  • Retrieve and archive any kind of raw scientific data; and
  • Export the results across the organization in the format required by the recipient.

'Our customers are searching for opportunities to streamline laboratory processes and come closer to a true paperless lab. Doing this takes cost out of the workflow and other SOPs, allowing lab personnel to focus on an improved process and more revenue-generating activities,' said Sanjay Khunger, vice president and general manager, informatics, for Thermo Fisher.

'Our goal is to help our customers achieve a truly integrated lab environment. A comprehensive informatics solution is one of the most critical investments any business can make if they are moving towards a truly integrated and connected enterprise.'


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