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Scilab 5.4.0

A new version of Scilab, the open source software for numerical computation, is now available for download from Scilab Enterprises. Scilab 5.4.0 introduces Scilab desktop which allows the user to save and restore their Scilab windows configuration. The preferences configuration interface makes the environment customisable, the navigation easy, and access to frequently used features immediate.

Improvements in Scilab graphics include speed and quality of execution, new features to zoom and rotate in 2D and 3D, improved export and correction of problems related to graphics cards. Accelerated simulation in Xcos reduces simulation times from a few minutes to a few milliseconds. Scilab uses now a new default save format, SOD (Scilab Open Data), while in Xcos the new compressed format ZCOS allows the user to save and load diagrams seamlessly.


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