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Syngene has released its Dymension software for automated 2D protein gel analysis, which now includes common spot outlines, a revolutionary algorithm for automatically detecting presence or absence of proteins in large data sets. This feature saves time with proteomics workflow by generating data with minimal manual post-editing that can be statistically analysed to confidently identify the correct proteins for costly downstream research.

The unique algorithm in Dymension that produces common spot outlines firstly warps all the gel images in an experiment together to create an averaged gel image and then performs detection on this image. These common spot outlines are overlaid onto each gel in the experiment’s series.

With Dymension’s method of producing common spot outlines, each spot exists on every gel, so results are less affected by noise and are therefore more representative of the common features of the underlying data. This means scientists can run less duplicate experiments, thus saving money on consumables and gel handling time.


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