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Matlab and Simulink Student Version

The MathWorks has made significant upgrades to Matlab & Simulink Student Version, which includes all the capabilities found in Matlab and Simulink but for the first time bundles add-on products that were previously available separately.

The additional tools extend Matlab and Simulink in the application areas of control systems, image processing, optimisation, signal processing, statistics and symbolic mathematics. With Matlab & Simulink Student Version, students can become proficient in the same tools that engineers and scientists at the world’s leading universities, technology companies and government labs use to solve their most challenging technical computing problems.

The additional add-ons include: Control System Toolbox for designing and analysing control systems; Signal Processing Toolbox for performing signal processing, analysis, and algorithm development; Signal Processing Blockset for designing and simulating signal processing systems and devices; Statistics Toolbox for applying statistical algorithms and probability models; Optimisation Toolbox for solving standard and large-scale optimisation problems; Image Processing Toolbox for performing image processing, analysis and algorithm development; and Symbolic Math Toolbox functions for performing computations using symbolic mathematics and variable-precision arithmetic.


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