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Scalar i6000

Quantum has introduced the new Scalar i6000 HD enterprise tape library, providing what the company says is the industry’s highest slot density. Designed to address Big Data and archive needs, this new library makes nearly five petabytes of data available in a single 19-inch rack and scales to more than 75 petabytes of capacity. Quantum has also added new high-availability and management features, as well as greater access capabilities for storing big data archives on tape.

The Scalar i6000 HD delivers high performance and availability, with new active-active dual robotics for fast data access times. Scheduled to be available in March 2013 and backwards compatible with Quantum’s Scalar i2000 systems, the Scalar i6000 HD offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including proactive diagnostics and many redundant systems, such as power, network ports for encryption key management and connectivity for multi-fabric SAN architectures. Utilising its embedded iLayer software, the Scalar i6000 HD also includes Quantum’s Active Vault technology for storing vaulted tapes securely in the library and automated policy-based integrity checking.


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