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Rhombix Software Suite Version 1.6

Thermo Electron has released version 1.6 of its Rhombix Software Suite – bringing coherence to the whole crystallisation process. The software suite not only controls the automation of Rhombix crystallisation instruments, but also guides the successful design of experiments, collects all available crystallisation data and enables easy data mining for experiment optimisation. Via a Microsoft Windows Terminal service and a centralised database, it also offers international collaboration, with local or remote control of all aspects of crystallisation.

The software was written in conjunction with leading crystallographers and has features, such as the ability to accept parameters in a spreadsheet format, allowing easy integration of older data. It is intuitive and specific for protein crystallisation, allowing the user to focus their entire attention on the science of crystallisation.

The software makes it possible to record accurately the different parameters required to design and carry-out crystallisation experiments on thousands of different compounds. It also incorporates a definitions database so that common and bespoke, chemical and macromolecular reagents can be stored and managed with relevant physicochemical data. By integrating these design tools with the range of automated Rhombix instruments, the software enables the user to maximise their experimental output. Since all experimental data are stored in a searchable database, data mining and reporting tools can be used to present data in a user-defined format and provide the crystallographer with information necessary for experiment optimisation.


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