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Atlas CDS Datasheet

Thermo Electron has developed a new datasheet on the Atlas CDS, available free in PDF or printed format.

Entitled ‘Atlas CDS – A scalable, compliant and integrated chromatography data system’, this new document is available free of charge to chromatographers working in both regulated and non-regulated industries to address the benefits of standardising on a single solution. Thermo’s new datasheet provides information designed for multi-channel, multi-user client server implementations.

As well as discussing the challenges in balancing the cost of regularly updating software against the benefits of such updates, the Atlas CDS datasheet also provides an overview of the CDS’s data capabilities. This brochure from Thermo further explains Atlas’s ability to interface with liquid and gas chromatography systems, as well as capillary electrophoresis instruments manufactured by a variety of vendors.

Atlas’s user-friendly format enables increased lab productivity and its advanced graphics help users maximise the amount of information gained from their data.


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