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Retriever version 3.0

Thermo Electron has introduced Retriever version 3.0, a web-based data extraction and presentation solution that enables secure access to laboratory data, no matter the originating data system. Retriever extracts aggregates and transforms data into ‘laboratory information with a business context’, so that the data can be used to make rapid, informed business decisions.

Often captured in individual systems within an enterprise, the volumes of laboratory data that drive product quality and process efficiencies are difficult to gather in a single solution for business use. Retriever users - from laboratory managers and executives to customers - do not require access to the original system from which the data is extracted. Instead, Retriever delivers the information via a single, intuitive user interface.

In version 3.0, reports, which can include textual, graphical and tabular data, are configured using the new Thermo Report Designer. This application was designed to allow laboratory-centric functionality to be delivered through the report-writer, reducing the pain of report development associated with generic report-writing tools.


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