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Proteomics Application Suite

Thermo Electron has added several new software products to its Proteomics application suite.

SIEVE is a label-free differential expression analysis software for biomarker discovery, offering an automated workflow to compare LC/MS analyses from large sample populations. It is a highly accurate tool for analysing data from biomarker discovery experiments.

BioWorks 3.3 software brings an important quantitative dimension to proteomic analysis, providing tools for automated analysis of iTRAQ labelled samples, as well as SILAC and metabolic labeling experiments. Additionally, the software allows for easy interoperability with Mascot from Matrix Science, UK. Users will be able to launch searches on their Mascot server from BioWorks 3.3 and compare SEQUEST and Mascot search results.

Tissue Imaging software adds a vital new capability for determining the spatial distribution of small molecules or peptide compounds of interest. This powerful technique is now available for the Finnigan LTQ XL with the vMALDI source option.

ProSightPC is an automated top-down protein analysis software. Using all combinations of CID, ECD and IRMPD data from the LTQ FT Ultra, the software is able to completely identify and characterise intact protein isoforms.


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