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Proteus 4.0

GenoLogics has released Proteus 4.0, its lab and scientific data management system for proteomics.

Proteus improves lab efficiency by automating data capture from proteomic experiments and by seamlessly tracking projects, samples and results. It does this with purposed instrument and analytical software integrations and enhancing analysis of contextually relevant protein and peptide comparisons. It also has a web interface for customer and external collaborators to submit samples and for the laboratory to publish results.  

Proteus can be easily configured for new technologies and workflows, including user-level configurations without programming skills. For the more sophisticated user, it is easy to integrate with in-house systems with a simple framework to send and receive data from any external program. And with an open read-access to the database, plus the reporting tools in the Adaptive Reporting Framework, Proteus is a powerful informatics solution to meet evolving needs.


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