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Geneus 4.0

GenoLogics has released its lab and data management system for genomics research, Geneus 4.0, with many enhancements including the ability to handle NextGen sequencing workflows.

Geneus is preconfigured to address genomic workflows, including NextGen sequencing, and delivers advanced querying and reporting capabilities along with a secure web interface to facilitate collaboration.

Geneus is a robust sample tracking and data management system for large research and core laboratories. The solution simplifies end-to-end sample and data management by integrating with instruments and software programs from leading genomics technology providers.

A configurable and flexible platform, Geneus is designed to adapt to evolving technologies and changes in lab operations. Labs can create their own workflows and processes without the need to write code. Geneus enables automatic execution of scripts and retrieval of results from bioinformatics pipelines, as well as an adaptive reporting framework to pull meaningful results for analysis.  

Geneus is part of the GenoLogics Solutions for Research Informatics for discovery labs. Along with its sister-solution, Proteus, and a highly configurable common platform, Geneus enables research organisations to conduct systems biology efficiently and effectively. The GenoLogics Research Informatics solution enables data from different science workflows and across multiple labs to be tracked, captured and stored in one secure, central lab and data management system.


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