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GenoLogics LIMS upgrade

GenoLogics has released a pre-configured version of its LIMS software for Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems and TruSeq sample prep kits. The pre-configured GenoLogics LIMS software speeds implementation time for labs with Illumina systems and provides users with the flexibility to interface with other genomics systems. An application programming interface (API) also allows users to extend the LIMS to accommodate future changes in the lab.

New features enable users to develop processes that map to Illumina’s TruSeq DNA and RNA sample preparation protocols, and automate the calculation of dilution volumes for library normalisation. The software also offers views designed to simplify locating individual and pooled sequencing libraries that share similar sequencing requirements when loading flow cells.

A new dashboard allows users to track the present and past status of all Illumina sequencers in their labs, and to automatically track runs across multiple instruments. Users can then populate the GenoLogics LIMS with key metrics, data location and run status when a run is initiated on an Illumina sequencer. Traceability is provided by accurate and automated tracking of sequencing runs and sample management – from the minute a sample is logged in to the generation of FASTQ converted and demultiplexed data – and sample sheets are automatically created to support Casava 1.8 demultiplexing.


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