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PBS Professional 11.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Professional 11.2. This latest version of PBS Professional scales easily to support hundreds of thousands of processors – from clusters to the largest systems – and enables administrators to get the maximum value from their computing infrastructure. It also offers an enhanced graphical interface for submitting and managing PBS Professional jobs on the front end.

The new PBS Desktop app is a job submission tool for supporting PBS Professional jobs from the desktop and is free with the purchase of PBS Professional. PBS Desktop allows HPC users to submit jobs for processing by simply dragging and dropping workloads from their local desktop workstations.

PBS Desktop runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems and offers users the option to eliminate the practice of submitting jobs through command lines and manually transferring files into the system for processing and out again for viewing once the job is complete. It enables users to inspect jobs while they are running, ensuring that jobs in process, such as creation of computer models, are progressing in the manner anticipated. PBS Desktop then automatically returns a copy of all the files to the user's desktop as soon as the job is completed.


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