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PBS Professional shipping with SGI's supercomputer

SGI has begun shipping licences for Altair Engineering's PBS Professional schedule-optimisation software with the each SGI Altix UV supercomputer sold. According to Altair, PBS Professional makes it easy for users of the supercomputers to create intelligent policies for managing complex workloads, thereby optimising their use of the powerful system.

SGI’s Altix UV offers unprecedented performance, scalability and open architecture, and is available in three models (Altix UV 10, 100 and 1000). It scales to as many as 2,048 cores (256 sockets) with architectural support to 262,144 cores, and offers up to 16 terabytes of global shared memory in a single system image. The Altix UV family is used by critical technical computing sectors, including government and defence agencies, universities and research organisations, and others who require advanced compute capabilities and data analysis and processing.

SGI Altrix UV users can easily create intelligent policies with PBS Professional, enabling them to manage distributed, mixed-vendor computer applications as a single, unified system. PBS Professional allows Altix UV users to gain the benefits of a next-generation backfill scheduling system that accurately predicts job start times, offering more control and predictability over schedules and timelines by taking into account all aspects of the site scheduling policies. This improved backfill scheduling system ensures that multiple top-priority jobs begin as soon as possible, regardless of backfilling by smaller jobs, honouring enterprise policies while maximising throughput.


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