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PBS Professional

Providing workload and resource management for technical high-performance computing (HPC), PBS Professional is supported on LINUX, UNIX and Windows systems, and hardware from companies such as SGI, Cray and HP. Key developments include green provisioning, topology-aware and GPU scheduling, which allow optimal task placement for all HPC network topologies, including InfiniBand and GigE.  

PBS Professional’s new core data service increases scalability by implementing a database engine within the PBS Server. This yields performance enhancements: three times faster for scheduling and 45 times faster cold start-up time. Hardware can recover more quickly after shutdown periods, and software fully optimises the management of multiple, concurrent scheduled tasks. Additionally, enhanced PBS Professional job placement improves the way MPI tasks can be distributed across client hardware, resulting in better support for NUMA systems and scheduling across GPUs.

On the Windows platform the account used for the PBS Professional Services can be specified by the Administrator installing the software, improving security and supporting enterprise user-account naming policies.


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