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Pathplanner software for Bricscad v10

Pathplanner software from Simtra is now available on Bricscad v10 from Bricsys. Previously, the software had only been available for MicroStation and AutoCAD.

Developed by Simtra, Pathplanner A5 provides fast and accurate airside planning and design. The software performs aircraft tracking and jet blast impact using FAA and ICAO clearance standards, the basis for efficient and safe airside layouts. Operational issues such as complex push back procedures can be determined on-the-fly, providing valuable input to airlines and the airports' operational staff. Detailed gate designs that previously took days are now performed in under an hour and with significantly reduced risk of human error. Included with the software is the Aircraft Data Viewer module, a complete database of all types of commercial aircrafts in use worldwide.

Pathplanner R4 planning software targets the transportation industry. Through a user-friendly interface, it accurately simulates vehicle turns and sweep paths through its powerful built-in animation capabilities. The software includes an extensive vehicle library of standard designs from most countries.


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