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ActiveStor 11

Panasas has released the ActiveStor 11 parallel storage system appliance. Powered by the PanFS operating system, ActiveStor 11 scales to 6 Pbytes of capacity and 115GB/s of throughput from a single global namespace. Its advanced blade architecture is optimised for data-intensive applications where time-to-results is a critical concern, and the parallel scale-out storage architecture eliminates bottlenecks seen in traditional NAS systems, enabling HPC cluster nodes to directly access a single, scalable file system. Administrators can easily add new storage to the global namespace from a single point of management in less than 10 minutes without disrupting workflows. ActiveStor 11 features user quotas, snapshots, and per-user chargeback reporting, enabling administrators to easily monitor and manage storage resources within their private cloud.

Shipping of Panasas is expected to begin August 2011. In addition, a 60TB configuration of the existing ActiveStor 12 appliance is expected to be available in the same timeframe.


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