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Partnership aims to develop quantum computing in Asia

Mitsui and Quantinuum have signed a strategic partnership to develop quantum computing use cases in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Mitsui and Quantinuum will accelerate collaboration, cooperation, and development of new business models. In addition, the two companies plan to pursue quantum application development and provide value-added services to organisations working across quantum computing domains.

Yoshio Kometani, Representative Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Information Officer of Mitsui stated: “We are very pleased with the strategic partnership between Mitsui and Quantinuum. By combining Quantinuum's cutting-edge quantum computing expertise and diverse quantum talents with Mitsui's broad business platform and network, we will work together to provide new value to our customers and create new business value in industrial fields.”

Ilyas Khan, Founder and CEO of Quantinuum stated: “The alliance between Mitsui and Quantinuum demonstrates our shared commitment to accelerating quantum computing across all applications and use cases in a diverse range of sectors, including chemistry, finance, and cybersecurity. Today’s announcement reinforces our belief in the global quantum leadership shown by corporations and governments in Japan, pioneered by corporate leaders like Mitsui.”

The Strategic Partnership Joint development of business use cases and business models utilising quantum computing (pharmaceutical, materials development, energy, mobility, logistics). But the partnership also hopes to increase market development through the dissemination and sharing of quantum computing knowledge and introduce Quantinuum's quantum computing solutions to the Japanese and Asia-Pacific markets

Collaboration areas and applications:

  • Quantum computational chemistry (pharmaceutical, chemical, energy industry, etc.)

  • Quantum cybersecurity

  • Various optimisation applications using quantum computers

  • Quantum natural language processing and artificial intelligence


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