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Jolt technology

SGI’s new Jolt technology will deliver improvements in speed, performance and scalability to its Altix UV. Based on NUMAlink interconnect technology, Jolt enables the supercomputer to scale to a 500-fold increase in memory capacity and allows shared memory to scale-up to the processor and memory sizes of scale-out clusters. SGI Altix UV with the Jolt technology option can scale from 2,048 to over 250,000 cores, from 16Tbyte to 8Pbyte of memory and from four to 512 cabinets. It reaches these levels of scalability while reducing latency by 1.4 times and increasing bisection performance by eight times.

Equally capable of running shared memory and distributed memory applications, Altix UV offers high performance when it comes to I/O-bound and memory-bound applications, such as in-memory and very large databases. SGI recently announced support for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 for Altix UV to run real-time transactional and analytical applications.


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