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Paradigm Scientific Search Software

Waters has announced it is expanding its laboratory informatics offerings with the addition of Paradigm Scientific Search Software, an information access platform. The company says it takes search beyond basic keywords by enabling users to perform object-based searches across both structured and unstructured data and across different data platforms.

The company unveiled the product alongside several other new technologies at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, commonly known as Pittcon, the annual premier conference and exposition on laboratory science.

Waters says Paradigm Scientific Search provides scientists, engineers, and managers in science-based organisations with easy and secure access to information across enterprise-wide data repositories – helping to drive product innovation, development, and manufacturing, and an improved time to market.

'Paradigm Scientific Search enables content consumers to find scientifically relevant information across data silos, whether structured or unstructured, and search by science objects,' said Dr Rohit Khanna, vice president of worldwide marketing. 'It allows science-based organisations to fully leverage their science content to make better evidence-based decisions.'

Waters claims the system is unrivalled in its ability to mine data repositories for science objects, such as chemical structures, reactions, spectra, chromatograms, images, biological sequences and biological structures.

Once extracted from documents through a series of automated analytic processes, science objects are indexed for instant recall. As a result, fast and easy scientific searches are no longer restricted to text queries. Paradigm Scientific Search enables scientists to simply paste science objects into a search box to retrieve near-instant results.


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