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NuGenesis Version 7.0

Waters has launched Version 7.0 of its NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) software. This new version lets scientists convert proprietary data from any analytical technique into the technology-neutral JCAMP-DX standard, while preserving investments in instruments and software. The software also simplifies system administration and management while providing more configuration choices to facilitate easier deployment.

Scientists at major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical companies use the software’s patented ‘print to database’ technology to capture and query printed reports and data files from analytical instruments, scientific and office software packages and then apply that data to today’s research for additional relevance.

New features include: automatic conversion capabilities that create JCAMP-DX public data standard files to view data from NMR, MS, UV/Vis, chromatography, hyphenated methods, chemical structures and other techniques right from the desktop – without the original application – for long-term data preservation; remote data storage option that optimises network utilisation and improves database performance; single user authentication strategies to maintain security through support of Active Directory and LDAP technologies; enhanced electronic signature and other collaboration processes; expanded Software Development Kit features and on-line documentation to assist in development of Microsoft .Net applications; support for web-based Help Desk administration of users, groups, privileges and server components; tighter integration with Waters Empower 2, Waters eLab Notebook, Waters MassLynx 4.1 and Waters Analytical Workflow Manager Software.


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