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Orion HF

Ciara Technologies has launched the Orion HF server line, which is dedicated to the financial services industry.

The company says the new servers deliver unparalleled performance for high-frequency trading, and low-latency and quantitative investing applications. It says the key metrics for high-frequency trading are latency and computing speed – that is, the time it takes to actually process a trade.

The Orion HF servers run on the latest Intel six or eight-core processors, which can go into turbo mode when required. But using the turbo mode can creates jitter, something that traders want to avoid at all costs.

Ciara says its design and optimisation turns off all unnecessary cores and locks the remaining processor into an optimised mode, running at a speed of 5.2GHz on the single socket Orion HF 310 and up to 4.0GHz for the dual Intel Xeon E5 processors Orion HF320.

'We have spent the last few years designing, developing and optimising our overclocking technology,' said Patrick Scateni, vice president of sales and marketing at Ciara. 'Our dedicated performance computing team understands applications and provides optimised solutions based upon a given environment.

'While other vendors are focused on proposing what is believed to be the best solution based solely on hardware cost, we concentrate our energies on extracting and delivering the maximum performance attainable with our systems for each application.

'Our approach and profound understanding of how software interacts with any given hardware is what has enabled us to achieve great success within the manufacturing sector and we are now applying this knowledge to the financial services industry.'


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