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PGI 2013

The Portland Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, has announced that the 2013 release of the PGI parallelising compilers and development tools for Linux, Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows is now available.

PGI 2013 includes features and capabilities for programming the latest HPC accelerators using the OpenACC API. It also delivers significant performance gains on multi-core x64 processors.

The 2013 release of the PGI Accelerator native Fortran 2003 and C99 compilers expands support for the OpenACC directive-based accelerator programming model through the addition of an all-new PGI Accelerator C++ compiler.

All three compilers feature expanded support for the OpenACC standard as well as new PGI extensions for supporting multiple devices. PGI Accelerator compilers also now target the latest NVIDIA Tesla K20 and K20X GPUs. Support for targeting Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and AMD APUs and discrete GPUs with OpenACC is planned for a future release.


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