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AW2000 F2 update

Following an agreement with Bright Computing, Acer’s AW2000 F2 family of high-performance computing solutions will include Bright Cluster Manager software. Acer customers will be able to provision, schedule, monitor and manage their clusters with Bright’s intuitive GUI or Cluster Management Shell (CMSH), reducing the effort required to deploy and manage powerful clusters.

The partnership enables Acer to deliver Bright Cluster Manager software pre-installed on Acer HPC clusters. According to Bright Computing, Acer customers will benefit from improved productivity, uptime, scalability, performance and security, while reducing total costs.

Purpose-built for rapid system configuration and testing, comprehensive management and system monitoring, Bright Cluster Manager aims to make the management of multiple, complex systems easy. Bright also cloud-enables Acer clusters: with just a few mouse clicks or commands, customers can extend their systems into Amazon EC2, and manage these nodes as part of their Acer clusters.


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