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Open-E support products

From 1 October 2013, Open-E, a leading developer of data storage software, will add new support products to its portfolio, including Support Upgrades, Renewals and Reinstatements. Open-E provides support for its storage software Open-E DSS V7 on different levels. For the Basic, Standard, Premium and 24/7 support licenses the company now introduces different possibilities of maintaining support for storage systems running on Open-E software.

Support upgrades escalate the level of active support at a 50 per cent discount compared to the new reinstatements, and are recommended to be purchased with a new product license. Support renewals extend the duration of support at a 50 per cent discount compared to reinstatements, and are also available for active support licenses only. Support reinstatements start a new support after existing support for a product expired. All support products are available for terms of one or three years.


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