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The OmicsOffice platform for the analysis and integration of genomics data from NGS, qPCR and microarrays technologies has been released by Integromics. OmicsOffice is the first product bundle which combines the company’s software solutions for the analysis of data from NGS (SeqSolve), qPCR (RealTime StatMiner) and microarray experiments (Integromics Biomarker Discovery) on the Tibco Spotfire platform.

The product completes the existing ‘Click and Go’ automatic workflows for RNAseq, ChipSeq, qPCR and microarray-based gene expression with a set of powerful modules for the downstream integration and analysis of results from these technologies. These new modules include extended and platform-independent functional analysis, featuring gene ontology and gene set enrichment, as well as functionality for seamless integration of data from different platforms that make, for example, validation of array or RNAseq results with qPCR or integration of miRNA expression with their corresponding target genes easily available.

The functional analysis tool can assess if a gene ontology functional category, a KEGG Pathway or an InterPro motif is statistically over or under-represented in a set of genes of interest. This offers new biological insights into the results. For instance, scientists can identify molecular functions, biological processes or reported diseases that are correlated with the underlying experiment. Statistics are also available for gene set enrichment under this function.

A second function is comparative analysis which, using an integrative module, allows scientists to integrate and compare results from different experiments for the purpose of validation, as an example. The software also provides a specific module to correlate the expression levels of known miRNAs with those of their respective targets.

A further module for annotation management allows for a smooth and flexible cross-platform integration experience. OmicsOffice tools use standard and widely-used annotations systems like UniProt, Affymetrix ProbeID, ENSEMBL, NCBI Entrez/RefSeq, microRNAs from TargetScan, In addition, custom annotations can be simply integrated.


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