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ChemLaunch module for ChemStation chromatography software

Agilent Technologies' ChemStation chromatography software has been designed to support Healex Systems' ChemLaunch remote instrument access and control module. This, combined with Agilent's OpenLAB laboratory operating system, provides an integrated software environment for large-scale, distributed analytical labs.

ChemLaunch is a secure Internet/intranet-based system that enables labs to control and monitor usage remotely of a wide range of analytical instruments in a Citrix terminal server environment. These include gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs and liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometers running ChemStation data systems. Validation costs are reduced, and maintenance and software upgrades can be implemented centrally through the server.

The Agilent ChemStation family provides modular software components for instrument control, data acquisition and data management, providing flexibility to meet laboratories changing needs. ChemStation base software can be augmented with add-on modules that include data management/storage, regulatory compliance functions, method validation and control of specific applications.


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