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Omics Explorer 2.3

Qlucore has recently launched the latest version of its advanced data analysis software, Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3. Ease of use and ease of reporting and presenting research findings are the key benefits of the new version.

In addition, the advanced ability to import and export data from a wide range of devices and platforms and enhanced presentation capabilities are enabling researchers to be much more creative when presenting findings in reports and presentations.

Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3 has new features such as new box plots, line plots and histogram plots. These have been developed to help researchers visualise, explore and analyse an even wider range of integrated high-dimensional data sets interactively and in real time. With instant and simultaneous access to an even larger set of multiple plots, enhanced and faster integration and more flexible options for ordering and visualising larger heat-maps that use less memory, researchers are able to improve workflows and spend more time on testing theories and alternative hypothesis.

A free evaluation download is available and a demo of Omics Explorer 2.3 is available from Qlucore’s website.


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