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Grapher 7

Golden Software has upgraded Grapher, its 2D and 3D graphing package, with more than 100 new features and enhancements. Among the many new features is the ability to record actions from the user interface directly to a script to automate repetitive tasks. It has an easy-to-use interface to convert their data into forty different customisable graph types.

Two other additions to Grapher 7 are the ability to add line plots together to create a summation plot, and the ability to create class scatter plots. Summation plots are an effective method to view the sum of multiple lines and compare different line graphs in a single location. Classed scatter plots provide a new way to display multivariate data by changing the symbol properties of an XY symbol plot based off a third data variable.

Version 7 includes a new Stiff plot for hydrologists, allowing the user the change the outlier definition for a box-whisker plot, importing data directly from database files, and an improved Graph Wizard to help uses quickly create the graph they need.


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