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BioDiscovery, a provider of integrated software solutions for genomics data analysis for life sciences, has announced the launch of its new NxClinical software for clinical case review.

Based on the company’s experience in the market with its long-standing Nexus Copy Number software, NxClinical was created specifically for the needs of the clinical users. NxClinical is a solution designed for case review and reporting, handling every aspect of the process, from raw data to reports in a single enterprise-wide database system.

The system was designed with a focus on improving efficiency and quality of the case review process through incorporation of multi-user collaborative communication, extensive audit-trail features, and automation of standard processes.

Dr Soheil Shams, CEO, BioDiscovery said: ‘We have been working closely with our Nexus Copy Number software customers for many years as they used the software as part of their workflow. We designed NxClinical based on their experience with the software and with the goal of improving the speed and quality of the results.’

Shams continued: ‘Based on the results of our early access program over the summer, we have achieved our goal with many success stories and lots of excitement about this new product. We believe that the software will have a high impact on the ability of all of our customers to become even more productive.’

Dr Elena Kolomietz, Co-Head, Division of Diagnostic Medical Genetics, Mount Sinai Hospital said: ‘Our high throughput microarray laboratory has been looking for a solution that would allow us to efficiently process and interpret microarray results with confidence, thereby reducing turnaround time and enhancing service delivery. After evaluation during the Early Access Program, we found that NxClinical meets these requirements. The multi-user aspect and full customization of the system allows us to easily implement and enforce our SOPs.’

At the centre of a speedier review process is a decision support system utilising customer specified rules for pre-classification of events, based on any number of combinations of sample and event attributes. The rules engine automatically applies the given logic after raw data has been processed to detect copy number and allelic events. The user is then presented with all events already pre-classified waiting for review.

Additional features that increase efficiency include centralized storage for easy access by multiple reviewers from any location and the ability to query all cases which are stored automatically, creating a historical sample database rich in information. The system allows enforcement of lab SOPs with assigned user roles and privileges for appropriate user access, extensive audit trail capabilities for potential regulatory demand, and serves all sizes and types of labs with local or cloud-based deployment.


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