Nexus Copy Number 7

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BioDiscovery has announced the release of version 7 of Nexus Copy Number software, a platform-independent and user-friendly application for analysis of structural variation from CGH array, SNP array and NGS platforms. Version 7 offers numerous new capabilities including support for small sequence variations, such as point mutations, InDels, inversions, etc. as well as new computational and visualisation tools for identifying and displaying significant co-occurring aberrations, and processing samples using ASCAT2. Nexus Copy Number is platform independent and can load virtually any data using its predefined data types or user-created custom data types.

With Nexus Copy Number version 7, sequence variations can now be interpreted alongside copy number changes for an integrated view of genomic aberrations. This unique feature of integrated analysis allows identification of mutations overlapping copy number aberrations or homozygous regions in addition to identification of novel disease causing mutations. A new concordance tool allows identification of co-occurring aberrations and many new filtering schemas facilitate quickly narrowing down list of genes implicated in specific types of aberrations.

'With sequencing costs decreasing and widespread use of NGS technologies, researchers have much more sequence variation data at hand and need a way to make sense out of them,’ said Dr Soheil Shams, CEO of BioDiscovery. ‘Nexus Copy Number offers a unique composition of analysis and visualisation of sequence variations, copy number changes, and allelic event changes together, allowing researchers to advance their findings with a broad picture of the genomic landscape.’